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    Benefits of Upgraded Hardware

    Learn about the benefits of upgraded hardware and what to expect with the 3G shutdown. With the 3G Shutdown at the end of 2021, older devices need to be upgraded to maintain service. Act now! This webinar reviews:

    • Lytx Upgrade Benefits
    • Lytx MV+AI: Driver Powered Safety
    • Lytx Upgrade Options
    • Risk Detect Service Demo
    • Ask the Experts Q&A

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Click on a question below.

    1. Q: What happens to my service if I do not upgrade to the SF300?


    2. Q: How do I know if I have a 3G device that needs upgrading?


    3. Q: What do I do with my old 3G hardware after upgrading?


    4. Q: What are my installation options?


    5. Q: What training is available after I install my new devices?


    6. Q: How do I turn on all the new features with a SF300 device and what if I don't want them all on?


    7. Q: How can I manage all the risk captured with machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV +AI)?


    8. Q: Do we still have manual triggers in the SF300?


    9. Q: I don’t want my Dispatchers to download video. Are they able to if they have access to Video Search?

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