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    The Power of Video-Enhancing Safety and Claims Management for Field Services

    Busy managers of fleet service companies have a lot to focus on during their day, and the last thing they have time for is dealing with the fallout of an accident and the time—and money—it takes to resolve a claim.

    That’s where video safety applications can have a huge impact. Video safety solutions offer real-time visibility, empowering you to monitor your technicians’ driving behavior and ensure workforce safety. Crystal-clear footage helps expedite claims and protects against false accusations.

    More than that, video safety data can be used to help reduce collisions and optimize training—revolutionizing fleet operations.

    Let’s dig into the insights and operational excellence that video safety technology can provide.

    Technology to enhance safety and claims management

    Video safety applications such as the Lytx® solution can make it easier for managers to pinpoint risk in their fleet and help keep their technicians safer while driving on the job. Lytx’s machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) technology analyzes driving behavior and sends real-time alerts for risky drivers to self-correct. Managers can use this data to pinpoint troubling behavior and improve safety by providing targeted training on safer driving.

    Here are a few ways video with MV+AI can improve safety and claims management:

    • Can detect risky behavior—like phone use or inattentiveness—and send alerts to provide instant feedback to drivers, enabling self-correction before an incident occurs.

    • Real-time video gives immediate insight into incidents while analytics identify trends and areas for improvement.

    • Managers can use this data for coaching their techs on safer driving practices. Lytx's Driver Safety program has customizable settings to refine what is coached, when it is coached, and how it is coached.

    • Video provides proof of what happened during an accident and who was at fault to expedite the claims process.

    Video can also be used to recognize and reward techs for their safe driving skills, which can lead to better morale and employee retention, something all fleets strive for.

    These features foster a culture of safety, education, and continuous improvement within the fleet.

    Save time and expedite claims resolution

    Collisions can sometimes result in a “he-said, she-said” scenario and become a time consuming, costly process, especially if it results in litigation. Video is an invaluable tool when it comes to claims resolution because it provides a clear picture of what happened, and why.

    With the Lytx safety solution, managers can search video on demand to quickly review, evaluate, and assess a given situation to find the truth. Objective video evidence helps reduce ambiguity and disputes when a collision occurs, making it faster and easier to complete the claims resolution process.

    Video protects drivers in the case of false claims and can save the company time and money by avoiding costly litigation.

    In 2022, Lytx helped clients achieve an estimated $1.4 billion savings on claims including workers compensation and insurance claims1.

    Use video safety data to keep techs safer on the roads

    Video data can help fleet managers identify technicians with risky driving habits so they can design targeted training and coaching programs.

    This personalized approach enhances skill and safety. Lytx clients use coaching and data to decrease risk in their operations, dropping from an overall weighted risk score of 18.3 in 2019 to 12.9 in 2022.

    An advanced video safety solution acts as a coaching partner by alerting drivers to their risky behaviors so they gain the awareness they need to form better habits over time.

    The results of using safety technology can be impressive: 42% of fleets across industries reported considerably fewer safety incidents since using software to monitor driver behavior2, and Lytx field services clients saw a 19% decrease in collisions in 20221.

    Safety for your company as a whole

    You may think a video safety solution is just for keeping employees, vehicles, and physical assets safe on the road, but it also protects your company reputation and bottom line.

    When your vehicles are on the road, they represent your company image. Imagine what potential customers might think if they see one of your vehicles driving erratically.

    Video evidence can also be used as protection against false customer claims, proving that a service did happen as planned. That can help tremendously in a dispute over invoicing.

    Tips for integrating fleet video safety and video telematics into your operations

    If you’re ready to reap the benefits of a video safety solution but aren’t sure how to find the right one for your fleet, start by identifying specific needs and goals. Research various providers, focusing on features that align with your objectives. Consider a trial period with a provider to make sure it meets your needs before committing.

    When you do select a solution, emphasize driver training to ensure smooth adoption of the technology.

    For more tips, check out “The Buyer’s Guide to Fleet Safety and Video Telematics.” This guide will walk you through selecting the right fleet management solutions for your needs. By the time you have finished, you should be confident on how to move forward to achieve your goals.

    1Lytx 2023 State of the Data Report
    245 Fleet Management Statistics to Help Reduce Operational Costs

    The MV+AI technology is a driver aid only. Drivers should never wait for a warning before taking measures to avoid an accident. The MV+AI distraction detection and alerting technology does not collect, store, or use any biometric identifiers or biometric information (e.g., scans of facial geometry) to detect distracted driving behaviors. See