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Machine vision + artificial intelligence

Award-winning technology helps detect risky and distracted driving

Addressing distracted driving — the biggest issue facing our roads today

Lytx has expanded its machine vision system and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) technology on all SF300 dash cam devices to help fleet managers proactively address distracted driving. Our unique machine vision technology helps identify distraction and risk, both inside and outside of the vehicle, including mobile phone use, eating or drinking, smoking, and seatbelt use.

Identify distracted and risky driving behaviour inside the vehicle

MV+AI works to help identify the hard-to-detect distractions that drivers face today.

How it works

See how machine vision and artificial intelligence work together to recognise patterns of risky driving


Machine vision systems and artificial intelligence detect distraction and risk

MV+AI technology works to scan for and evaluate driving patterns to determine potential risk. Machine vision operates as our system’s eyes, allowing the technology to see and recognise objects through images. Artificial intelligence is like the brain providing the system’s ability to interpret and decide. For example, machine vision sees a mobile phone in a vehicle, whether it is on the passenger seat or held to the driver’s ear. Artificial intelligence comes in to interpret mobile phone images and recognise that the phone on the seat does not represent risk, but the phone in the driver’s hand does.

Identify additional risk on the road

In addition to our new, in-vehicle capabilities, Lytx has been applying MV+AI technology to detect risk on the road ahead for many years. MV+AI can reliably detect and record road-facing risk, including:

  • Failure to stop at intersections
  • Weaving within or departing from lanes
  • Unsafe following distances

Our volume of data helps MV+AI deliver accurate insights

To be effective, MV+AI algorithms must train on enormous amounts of accurate data. For more than 20 years, Lytx has been collecting commercial driving video and data —representing more than 120 billion miles driven in all types of vehicles and road conditions—then going even further to have a professional human review team validate and categorise the data. The result is a driving database of unmatched size and validated data that has allowed us to train our MV+AI solutions to identify driving behaviours with high levels of accuracy. This means that fleet managers and drivers are notified about moments that represent true risk, rather than being bombarded with alerts that don’t matter (false positives) that may be easily ignored.

Video evidence supports coaching and behaviour change

Lytx MV+AI integrated dash cams capture moments of risky and distracted driving on video, providing the evidence and context needed for fleet managers to coach drivers and help them change risky behaviour for good. Our Driver Safety Programme is easy and intuitive to use, and supports behaviour change by offering proven coaching workflows along with comprehensive dashboards and reporting tools to help your company analyse risk and track progress.

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