Fleet Tracking

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What is fleet tracking?

Fleet tracking systems combine a number of advanced technologies to give users more than just the ability to get real-time vehicle locations. Today’s vehicle tracking systems take advantage of new methods of data aggregation and analysis to provide fleet owners with a wealth of information, including vehicle speeds, stop times and locations, idle duration, driving distance, estimated arrival and departure times, and more. Companies are continually finding innovative ways to customise and leverage this rich data to achieve higher performance, such as more efficient routing, more accurate arrival estimates and departure times, and better visibility into cargo status.

Fleet tracking is considered a key component of a broader suite of telematics deployed by transportation companies looking to boost performance and improve fleet efficiency.


How does fleet tracking work?

The cornerstone of fleet tracking is the Global Positioning System, or GPS. Depending on the system, pieces of vehicle information are sent via GPS, including engine status, accelerometer data, or video. Advanced software programmes are capable of processing and analysing this stream of data to calculate location, speed, idle status, mileage, and trip history. More advanced GPS fleet tracking systems layer on additional sources of information, such as maps, posted speed limits, or traffic, road and weather conditions. 

From GPS signal to dispatcher computer or mobile screen, all this happens behind the scenes over a period of several seconds to a couple of minutes.

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How is fleet tracking used?

Transportation companies use GPS fleet tracking solutions for a growing number of applications.

  • Accessing up-to-the-minute estimated arrival times
  • Getting real-time vehicle location data
  • Locating their nearest available driver
  • Accessing full trip histories
  • Tracking cargo
  • Recovering stolen vehicles
  • Optimising routes
  • Identifying patterns of excessive idling
  • Monitoring driving speeds
  • Tracking mileage by vehicle, state or driver
  • Getting alerts when vehicles stray from their routes or designated territory

What are the benefits of fleet tracking?

Vehicle tracking systems can help deliver four major benefits to fleet owners and operators, allowing them to find new ways to improve satisfaction, increase productivity and further optimise their assets. 


Higher levels of customer satisfaction

Companies are finding ways to use real-time fleet status to deliver a five-star customer experience.

  • More accurate arrival estimates mean fewer calls from customers asking about delivery status. Status calls can be answered more quickly without having to reach the driver.
  • With mobile integration, some fleet tracking systems offer vehicle information on virtually any device, including mobile platforms, via most major browsers.
  • By quickly identifying the closest vehicle to a service destination, fleet managers also can respond faster to new or changing customer requests. 


More efficient routing

Access to current and historical route data can help fleet managers better manage driver time and trips.

  • Many advanced fleet tracking systems combine GPS data with real-time mapping data to provide up-to-the-minute data on traffic and road conditions, along with current fleet locations, helping dispatchers quickly re-route vehicles and adapt to changing conditions as they happen.
  • Analysis of trip history data can reveal patterns and lead to performance improvements, such as avoiding a particular section of road at certain times of day.


Deter cargo theft

Companies lose billions of pounds annually from cargo and vehicle theft. Knowing exactly where your equipment is at all times is key to managing loss.

  • Custom geofences, along with alerts when vehicles stray from their territories or operate outside of business hours, help ensure drivers stick to their routes.
  • Route replay can help managers identify lengthy stops and unauthorised trips.
  • Systems set up to track trailers can also help locate stolen cargo and equipment.


Boost fleet productivity

Fleet tracking can also be used to reduce operating costs and improve asset utilisation.

  • Combine location with engine idling data to pinpoint problem areas and remind drivers to turn off their engines.
  • Visibility into an entire fleet can help dispatchers deploy vehicles more efficiently, reducing empty kilometers and improving overall vehicle utilisation.
  • Custom reports and real-time alerts can be configured to focus on specific issues.

Benefits of the Lytx Fleet Tracking Service

The Lytx Fleet Tracking Service delivers real-time* access to your vehicles’ status, helping you to respond faster and improve customer satisfaction while boosting the efficiency and safety of your fleet. With the Lytx Fleet Tracking Service you can: 

  • Gain visibility to arrival, idle, and departure times so you can make fast decisions that can improve your fleet’s productivity. Best of all, it works with the Lytx DriveCam® event recorder, so you won’t need to buy extra equipment, cables, or software.
  • Get route playback to give you an animated trail of where drivers were speeding, and how long they spent at each stop so you can improve your drivers’ safety and productivity.
  • Find your closest driver in both distance and time to location. All customers are time-sensitive, and Lytx makes it easy to locate the driver closest to your service destination so you can quickly respond.
  • Create custom geofences that help you manage driver adherence to approved areas, routes and business hours. Get alerts when vehicles travel in or out of restricted areas or during specific times.
  • Keep tabs on your fleet anywhere, anytime. Our fleet tracking system is cloud-based and built on HTML5, so it works with desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, making managing your fleet convenient and seamless.

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