Our story

Redefining safety on our roadways with innovation backed by experience

Industry-leading fleet and compliance management solutions

At Lytx®, we harness the power of video and data to enable fleets to improve safety, efficiency, and productivity. We’re trusted by more than 4,800 fleets that log billions of miles worldwide each year, contributing to a vast and ever-growing database of driving data we use to refine the accuracy and effectiveness of our solutions. Our clients can realize significant returns on investment by lowering operating and insurance costs. Most of all, we strive to save lives—on our roads and in our communities, every day. We dream of a world where no commercial driver is ever the cause of a collision.

We’re driven by a passion to improve safety on our roadways. Our solutions enhance vehicles with a suite of cloud-connected dash cams, sensors, telematics, and services that help transform fleet safety and operations.


Our mission

We believe that video enriches everything. We empower optimal fleet visibility and operations through the power of video telematics.


Innovation guided by experience

We draw from more than 20 years of industry leadership to create smart solutions that truly help solve our customers’ challenges. Our unparalleled database of driving behavior — more than 185 billion miles and growing each day — trains our machine vision and artificial intelligence-based solutions to recognize and flag risky driving with incredible accuracy. We cut through the noise to deliver real insights that help our clients save valuable time and prioritize focus where it matters most to help improve driver safety and protect their bottom lines. 

We’re invested in your success

Our team offers customized support at every stage of the process, from trial to implementation, to ensuring return on investment.

Improving safety on our roadways

Our passion for safety and saving lives drives incredible results.


More than 2.1 million drivers protected worldwide


Our clients saw 625,000 fewer instances of risky driving in 2018+


221 billion miles of professionally analyzed driving data

We've worked with companies across multiple industries.

Industry involvement

Lytx is an active participant in 50 key industry associations that support and advocate for commercial transportation safety and the interests of our clients across the trucking, concrete, construction, waste, government, distribution, and field services industries. In addition, we participate in educational workshops, sponsor industry events, and support key initiatives. Our engagement at the industry level helps us stay abreast of trends, advocate for legislation, promote key market activities, and design solutions to address real-world challenges.

More than 25 years of innovation

From monumental product launches to technological breakthroughs, here’s a look in the rearview mirror at our history.

event recorder
  • DriveCam, Inc. is founded

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    Introduced the first vehicle camera to record crashes

  • Developed a camera with both road-facing and driver-facing lens

  • Launched software to enable review and scoring of driving video

  • Group 28 Created with Sketch.

    Introduced the driver coaching model

  • Launched online program management platform

  • Group 28 Created with Sketch.

    Changed the company’s name to Lytx, Inc.

  • Launched first camera equipped with machine vision and artificial intelligence

  • Launched continual video coverage and optional extra cameras

  • Surpassed 100 billion miles of driving data analyzed

  • Acquired Surfsight® product line to expand distribution channels globally

  •  Launched Lytx Driver App, Driver ID, and Risk ID without Recording

  • Launched groundbreaking new AI-powered features

  • Launched ELD solution for U.S. fleets

  • Launched electronic DVIR service

  • Introduced asset tracking service to complement fleet management solutions

  • Introduced Lytx Lab, enabling clients to give feedback on potential new features in the Lytx platform

  • Celebrates 25th anniversary, reaches 221 billion miles of driving data, and launches Lytx Vision™ Platform

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