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Eliminating noise and pinpointing actual risk

Insights powered by data 

Lytx® draws on more than 20 years and billions of miles of professionally reviewed video and road variables to design smart technology solutions that help solve the challenges faced by commercial fleets. We apply sensor fusion, machine vision, artificial intelligence, and scientific behavior change models to help our clients improve safety and increase operational efficiency so they can thrive in today’s ultra-competitive environment.

Machine vision and artificial intelligence accurately detect risky and distracted driving

Machine vision can see and recognize objects and behavior through images, while artificial intelligence can process and analyze information from multiple sources to determine the likelihood that a particular event or behavior occurred. 

Our driver safety solutions pair machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) with traditional telematics sensors to provide an expanded view of risk. We've expanded our MV+AI capabilities to include detection of distracted driving, one of the biggest safety issues on our roads today. Our MV+AI technologies can help detect a wide range of risky behaviors both inside and outside of the vehicle, including:

  • Cell phone use 
  • Eating or drinking
  • Smoking 
  • Seatbelt use 
  • Failure to stop at intersections
  • Weaving within or departing from lanes  
  • Following another vehicle too closely

Real-world data provides the foundation

Training technology to accurately identify and categorize risky driving behaviors requires a tremendous amount of high-quality information. That’s where we truly shine. Our devices capture 1.5 billion miles of driving data each month and 100,000 risky driving events every day, resulting in a driving database of unrivaled depth and quality. Our fleet management solutions put the data to work to deliver accurate, actionable insights. 

The Lytx difference

See what sets Lytx MV+AI technology apart from other fleet technology providers


Sensor fusion builds a complete picture

Similar to the way our brains rely on information from each of our senses to understand what is happening around us, our sensor fusion technology combines data from multiple sensors to provide the context needed to create a complete picture.

We use sensor fusion to analyze driving conditions by sending data to an artificial intelligence-driven neural network. The network learns by analyzing combinations of sensor data with maps, third-party environmental information, and the results of professionally reviewed video clips of risky driving behaviors. All of these inputs combine to provide a total picture of risk. 


Science-based behavior change models make a lasting impact

We developed the Driver Safety Program to ensure effective coaching and lasting change. We studied and applied behavior change science to alert drivers to risk using the right methods at the right times, through thoughtful use of in-cab audio, visual display lights, and prescriptive coaching workflows. Drivers are automatically scored based on the frequency and risk levels of their behavior to help managers target their coaching efforts for greatest impact.

Intelligence in your vehicles and in the cloud

Intelligence in your vehicles and in the cloud

All of our fleet management solutions include state-of-the-art DriveCam® cameras that detect risky driving at the vehicle level. The device benefits from the power of the cloud for updates and additional processing ability, reducing the burden and costs of frequent replacement.  

Flexible integrations

Our solutions play well with others, offering bidirectional APIs and an open-platform architecture that can easily connect to third-party systems to share data and provide a seamless view of individual vehicle technologies.

A complete solution for all your fleet management needs

Our services can be combined and customized to create a comprehensive solution that meets the needs of your business.

Fleet dash cams

Capture critical incidents with cloud-connected, continually recorded video and find the clips you need to understand what really happened within minutes.*

Driver safety solutions

Proactively manage your fleet risk with tools to help you change behavior, prevent collisions, and improve your bottom line.

Improve Driver Safter

Fleet tracking

Get real-time* access to fleet status to help you respond faster, reduce callbacks, and optimize productivity.

Fleet Tracking Service

DOT compliance services

Meet the mandates with devices and services that streamline and simplify compliance management.

DOT Compliance