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Maintain a healthy fleet

Lytx® Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) Service helps ensure fleet vehicles are running smoothly before drivers get behind the wheel. Our electronic DVIR (eDVIR) solution allows any fleet looking to maintain vehicle health with pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections to do so seamlessly with the Lytx Driver App on mobile devices. 

The best part is, it’s one of the only DVIR apps on the market that doesn't need to be purchased with an electronic logging device (ELD) service. Our eDVIR solution provides everything a fleet needs to manage daily vehicle inspection reports with ease.

How it works

See how our DVIR solution can help keep your fleet running smoothly and compliant.


Prevent issues from going unnoticed

Driver inspection reports give fleet safety managers invaluable insights into fleet vehicle health and conditions that might otherwise go unchecked. 

With our DVIR app, drivers can alert managers to potential vehicle issues before they become more serious, especially those not visible through diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) or other engine control module (ECM) data.

Eliminate paper logs with electronic DVIRs

A simple in-app checklist format allows drivers to move through a vehicle inspection report quickly and efficiently, with the opportunity to further highlight visible issues with in-app descriptions as well as photo or video capabilities.

All DVIRs are completed and submitted electronically, reducing errors and the administrative burden of paper logs while allowing for timely review by fleet managers through the convenience of their desktop web portal.

Proactively manage repairs

By utilizing a digital interface, any repair needs observed through driver inspection reports can be scheduled right away, helping to ensure the continued operational safety of every vehicle. Should a vehicle be deemed inoperable, it can be pulled from duty immediately. 

Following service, mechanics can sign off on repairs with no additional hardware needed. Drivers simply present their own smartphone or tablet for mechanic signature in-app. The next driver can then certify issue resolution in their pre-trip vehicle inspection report.

Streamline compliance and safety management

Our complete DVIR solution provides everything a commercial fleet needs to comply with federal mandates as outlined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). 

For mixed fleets, or those also requiring ELDs, DVIR can be bundled with our ELD solution to satisfy all compliance needs. Now you can get video safety, fleet tracking, ELD, and DVIR through one convenient vendor. 

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