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    Supercharging Fleet Safety with Efficiency

    Lytx offers quick and easy ways to perform everyday safety checks. Managers, coaches, and drivers can intensify their focus on safety without interrupting the flow of their jobs. When safety is this straightforward, risk lowers and efficiency lifts.

    Fleet Safe


    Control costs and protocol compliance.

    • Lytx Account - Comprehensive, customizable reporting gives you in-depth knowledge of your fleet, including the ability to quickly see if a driver listens or improves.
    • Lytx Intelligence™ Portal – Insights into industry benchmarks and ROI analysis with reports that can help fleets focus on efficiently driving safety initiatives.
    • Event Trigger Notification - Email and text alerts make you aware of potential risks. Learn more in the Support Center.
    • Suspected Collision Notification - Email and text alerts help you act quickly when a possible incident is captured. Learn more in the Support Center.
    • Fleet & Asset Tracking - Real-time tracking and management of vehicles—with video and interactive maps—help ensure operational efficiency.

    Fleet Safety


    Prioritize the riskiest behaviors and adapt to each driver’s needs.

    • Video-Based Coaching Workflows - Flexible coaching options, including face-to-face, remote, and self-coaching, give drivers the support they need to shorten their learning curves and improve faster. Learn more in the Support Center.

    • Positive Driver Recognition - Built-in recognition tools make it easy for coaches to consistently reinforce safe driving behavior and improve safety. Learn more in the Support Center. 

    • Driver Insight Report - ​​Detailed metrics on drivers' safety performance, including driver scores, continual behaviors, and alerts, give coaches a better understanding of risk in less time. Learn more in the Support Center.

    • Driver Profile - Individual behavior scores, calculated based on the number of events and weight, help focus coaching efforts on the riskiest drivers. Learn more in the Support Center.

    Fleet Safety


    Eliminate time-consuming red tape and improve driving scores, while maintaining independence.

    • MV+AI Alerts - In-cab audio signals help drivers correct their risky behavior in real-time, without manager intervention.

    • Check-In Tools - Weekly emails share trends and rankings to help drivers track their safety performance on the go.

    • Lytx Driver App - An enablement tool that gives drivers a single place to go for self-coaching, performance metrics, electronic logging (ELD and DVIR), safety tips, and more—all from a mobile device and without manager involvement.

    • Driver-Tagged Videos - Drivers can explain their unique view of what’s happening in the field by tagging videos (e.g., overflowing trash bins, locked delivery gates, etc.) to share with managers, and even with the police in the case of a collision.

    Fleet Safety


    Get valuable proof and context regarding activities in and around fleet vehicles with on-demand video access.

    • Continual Recording and Look-Back Capabilities - On-demand video with trigger tags helps you quickly locate and watch preceding events, exonerating drivers and lowering liability costs. Learn more in the Support Center.

    • Live Stream - A live look can provide drivers with real-time* assistance and confirm service, without requiring managers to be in the field. Learn more in the Support Center.

    Lytx technology is built to help you run an efficient, high-performing fleet while advancing your safety programs.

    Read more about manager efficiency tools accessible to you. Or contact your client success manager to discover how you can get more out of your Lytx investment.