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    Event Review Options Update

    distracted driver DriveCam alert

    As of July 1st, 2021, the Lytx VEDR Safety program is reducing the number of Event Review Options (EROs) from 60 behaviors to 20 to help you focus on the drivers and behaviors that need your attention most. This adjustment is being made in collaboration with corporate to reduce the number of behaviors detected for mandatory coaching and measured in your Key Indicators.


    What Does this ERO Change Mean for Me?

    This ERO update will result in a 60% or more reduction in the total number of behaviors that require mandatory coaching, making it easier for individual Service Providers to successfully achieve their monthly VEDR KIs. A focus on behaviors with significant risk will reduce your time spent coaching and allow for higher quality coaching sessions with drivers.

    Reduced Behavior List

    20 Behaviors for Mandatory Coaching: