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    Lytx + Geotab

    Fleet management is hard. You already know this. But now, the world's leading telematics offering is partnering with the world's most powerful video platform -- all from a single interface.

    Now, you can have a seamlessly integrated video platform within Geotab, powered by Lytx® - the market leader for video-based telematics and safety solutions. With the power of Lytx, you'll gain incredible insight into what happens in your fleet, allowing you to manage resources more effectively, and helping change and improve driver behavior. Through the data collected by dedicated DriveCam event recorders, fleet operators will be able to quickly see problems when they happen and also gain insight into how to help avoid them in the future.

    Named Frost & Sullivan's 2019 Video Safety Company of the Year, Lytx's solutions are informed by billions of miles of driving data, millions of hours of video from the road, and all validated by professional analysts. Lytx's proprietary machine vision and artificial intelligence are industry-leading technologies that cut through the noise to deliver crucial insights to help you effectively manage your business. Lytx's powerful combination of analytics, experience, and technology empowers fleets with both insights and video evidence helping you set and achieve your safety and efficiency goals.

    With Geotab's open APIs, now you can enjoy a seamless experience in a single interface between Lytx's unrivaled video-based safety and Geotab's world-leading telematics offering.

    With just one login, you can see your vehicles within the MyGeotab platform and you can also access Lytx's best-in-class video solutions. With access to rich driver behavior insights and coaching workflows, fleets are able to help positively change the behavior of their drivers, easily managing your fleet and drivers via a single interface helps to boost safety, efficiency and ROI while at the same time, conveniently reducing the number of apps you have to juggle, letting you do more with your time.

    "To be able to see what actually generated a Geotab exception (harsh cornering, braking, speeding, etc) is so valuable. The integration is well-executed -- I can even trim and transfer and view the subsequent video all without leaving Geotab!"

    James Galbota, Director of Operations
    Briggiota's Farland Produce & Garden Center Inc.

    For more information about how you can integrate video into your fleet management, contact your Geotab partner or Lytx account manager or visit