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    25 Years of Saving Lives with Lytx

    This year, Lytx® is celebrating 25 years of forging the intersection between safety and technology. From our inception in 1998, Lytx's vision has been to help fleets get their drivers safely home to their families through the utilization of cutting-edge technology.

    After the company introduced the original DriveCam® device in 1999, the first ever crash recording device for vehicles, Lytx jump-started a new industry by leveraging technology to evolve the way we think about identifying risks and how to coach for improved outcomes.

    Through our nearly three decades of data collection and analysis, video monitoring, and innovation in the telematics space, Lytx is proud to champion safety for fleets around the globe. By pairing traditional sensors with the latest MV+AI technology and adding a revolutionary coaching model in parallel, Lytx captures the full picture in the cab and on the road and provides the tools to help improve driver and road safety.

    See where we’ve been and where we’re heading next.

    (1998) Lytx, formerly known as DriveCam, Inc., was founded
    (1999) Introduced the original DriveCam device to record crashes

    The introduction of the original DriveCam device in 1999, the first crash recording device for vehicles. The device also included accelerometer triggers that helped identify incidents based on specific triggers. Today, the original device and triggers are still foundational elements that paint the picture of what’s happening on the road at any given moment.

    (2002) Launched software enabling review and scoring of driving video

    The first release of our software initially enabled clients to watch driving events on their computers—a major milestone in the development of video telematics solutions.

    (2006) Introduced driver coaching model

    The driver coaching model began giving customers the ability to review and coach their own events. The advancements of coaching workflows and customizable batch coaching solutions were in the works, and their evolution would become the backbone for Lytx’s safety program in the years that followed.

    (2009) Release of web-based access to event video

    DriveCam Online 2 iterated on the original DriveCam product, offering a web-based interface where clients can access and view their videos and other data in a more efficient and secure way.

    (2010) Introduced Lytx Intelligence℠ for clients

    Lytx Intelligence for clients began with customer analytics and program reviews. Nowadays, it gives fleets highly actionable data that tells a fuller story, including insights into how a given fleet is performing against its peers, detailed collision analysis, industry benchmarking, and more, helping fleets make decisions for safer routing and driving.

    (2011) Introduced GPS triggers

    While once a novel concept, today GPS tracking is an essential tool to help drivers maintain safe practices. Fleets can monitor and set alerts for any posted speed limit on the map as well as policy-set speeds.

    (2012) Advancements in task-based workflows

    The release of DriveCam Online 3 introduced the concept of a task-based system, which lets fleet managers create workflows that help them focus and be more efficient. This paved the way for each fleet’s ability to select KPIs based on their own unique goals.

    (2012) Introduced new driver safety tools and configurable workflows

    New tools to coach drivers mean more flexibility for fleet managers and new opportunities for drivers to succeed. Self-coaching tools, allowing managers to assign drivers specific video to view and submit notes on, were developed to create a more open dialogue between coach and driver. Alerts that empower drivers to self-correct in the moment were also introduced, freeing up time for busy fleet managers. Applying configurable workflows gives managers flexibility in how they want to handle coaching tasks.

    (2012) Launched positive driver recognition feature

    Coaches and managers can recognize drivers for a specific event or great performance to drive safer outcomes. This tool helps reinforce good driving behavior, strengthens safety culture, and improves driver retention.

    (2014) Announced winners of the first Lytx Driver of the Year and Coach of the Year awards

    The awards honor the outstanding work of professional drivers and coaches. Each honoree possesses an incredible passion for the job they do and a steadfast dedication to safety, often going above and beyond to keep roads and their communities safe.

    (2015) Launched MV+AI road view with ECM triggers

    Artificial intelligence pattern-recognition software through MV+AI helps identify risky driving behaviors like following distance and lane departure along with data like speed and fuel from the vehicle. Its implementation paved the way for future AI innovations that help drivers to be safer behind the wheel.

    (2018) Launched continual recording capability

    Continual recording opened the door for a more accessible way to browse video and locate specific moments within the video both inside and outside the vehicle. It gives fleet managers the ability to easily and quickly go back to a specific point in time to see exactly what happened. Lytx offers the flexibility of short trigger-based clips, continual recording, livestream options, and enough memory in the event recorder to store up to nearly a week’s worth of video.

    (2019) Named Video Safety Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan
    (2019) Introduced MV+AI cloud review

    Built-in algorithms distinguish normal driving from risky behaviors, allowing for proprietary technology to categorize and present events based on collision probability, coachability, and associated behaviors.

    (2020) Acquired Surfsight®

    Surfsight technology helped bring fleet safety solutions to more countries around the globe, providing fleets with access to a robust dashboard camera solution that offers unparalleled insight into risky driver behavior through a combination of MV+AI, sensors, and live video streaming.

    (2020) Launched in-cab alerting and MV+AI inside view

    Inside View triggers, including driver smoking, eating, drinking, and using handheld devices, enable new opportunities to coach drivers and curb behaviors that can lead to accidents.

    With the ability to capture continual behavior (i.e. risky behavior over an extended period of time), coaches and managers get more context and a better picture of risk. This risk characterization helps fleets see what working conditions are really like and helps managers set different thresholds of risk to be factored in and managed.

    As Lytx creates new rules and options regularly, fleets can configure the ideal workflow for their unique needs.

    (2022) Launched Lytx Vision™ Platform

    This platform allows for easy integration with non-Lytx application providers via APIs and other means, so more integration partners can leverage Lytx’s safety features and technologies.

    The Lytx Vision Platform further leverages the power of the company's expertise in video services, big data, and AI to give companies powerful, scalable, and configurable technology and tools they can use to integrate with other applications and to create their own custom solutions.

    (2022) Named Video Safety Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan for second time in three years
    (2023) Amassed 221 billion miles of driving data, protecting 2.1 million drivers to date

    Analysis of billions of miles of driving data helps to uncover new trends in safety to help fleets and their drivers make truly data-backed decisions on the road.

    (2024 & Beyond) New innovations to continue driving safety forward

    Lytx continues to add more ways to help fleets configure the ideal safety solution for their needs. As we celebrate 25 years of helping to save lives, the Lytx roadmap showcases more features with safety at the forefront such as detection of pedestrians and traffic lights.

    The Lytx Lab, an idea incubator and a way for Lytx engineers and safety experts to collaborate with customers, continues to deliver innovations that allow us to help build better solutions for the entire Lytx network.

    The MV+AI technology is a driver aid only. Drivers should never wait for a warning before taking measures to avoid an accident. The MV+AI distraction detection and alerting technology does not collect, store or use any biometric identifiers or biometric information (e.g., scans of facial geometry) to detect distracted driving behaviors. See