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    What Does a Fleet Tracker Do?

    Fleet managers in the rapidly evolving trucking and transport industries know that to be competitive they must keep their fleets on the road and ready to deliver whatever their clients need. To stay nimble and on schedule, today’s fleet managers often choose fleet tracking as a solid foundation to their technology stack.

    While you may already know the basics surrounding fleet tracking technologies, it doesn’t hurt to answer the question, what does a fleet tracker do? And why are they important and even necessary for fleets of any size?

    Fleet tracking devices use Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to determine the precise location of a fleet of vehicles. The primary function of a truck fleet tracker is to provide real-time location information for each vehicle, thus allowing fleet managers to monitor the current position of their vehicles and make informed decisions based on their locations. But what else does a work truck GPS tracker do?

    Live truck tracker systems: further capabilities

    Fleet tracking GPS systems go beyond simple tracking to help managers create an overall fleet management plan covering many of the most important aspects of making fleets road-ready, safe, and able to optimize the needs of customers.

    Sample capabilities of popular van, pickup, semi, or delivery truck tracker software technologies include:

    Route optimization

    Fleet trackers often come with route optimization features that help plan the most efficient and cost-effective routes for each vehicle based on current road conditions, weather, and other factors.

    Vehicle diagnostics

    Many fleet truck tracker apps work alongside engine control modules that can collect data on vehicle performance, including engine health, fuel consumption, and maintenance needs.

    Driver behavior monitoring

    Fleet trackers monitor and report on driver behavior, including speed, braking habits, and adherence to traffic rules.

    Fuel management

    Fleet trackers provide insights into fuel consumption patterns, helping fleet managers identify fuel-wasting behaviors and optimize fuel efficiency.


    Fleet tracking systems often include geofencing capabilities, allowing fleet managers to define virtual boundaries on a map. Alerts can be triggered when a vehicle enters or exits these predefined areas.

    Reporting and analytics

    Truck trackers generate detailed reports and analytics based on collected data, including information on vehicle utilization, fuel efficiency, and overall fleet performance.

    Fleet maintenance

    Truck trackers for fleet maintenance provide a detailed look into the diagnostics of each vehicle, giving fleet managers the information they need to keep their vans and trucks operating at the highest level of efficiency.

    Integration with other systems

    Fleet tracking systems can integrate with other enterprise systems, such as logistics, inventory management, and dispatching software, to provide a comprehensive solution for fleet management.

    What kinds of companies use a field services truck tracker?

    Fleet tracking software is utilized by a diverse range of companies and organizations that operate fleets of vehicles.

    The best truck GPS trackers on the market also help improve efficiency, reduce costs, enhance safety, and streamline overall fleet management.

    The types of companies that commonly use fleet tracking software include:

    Transportation and logistics companies

    Trucking companies, freight carriers, and logistics providers use fleet tracking software to monitor and manage the movement of goods.

    Delivery and courier services

    Companies involved in local or international delivery services use fleet tracking to monitor delivery routes, estimate delivery times, and enhance efficiency.

    Construction and heavy equipment companies

    Construction firms and companies that operate heavy equipment fleets use tracking software to coordinate equipment movement and ensure timely delivery of materials.

    Field service businesses

    Service-oriented companies use fleet tracking software to dispatch technicians efficiently, optimize routes, and monitor service calls in real time.

    Public transportation agencies

    Municipalities and public transportation agencies use fleet tracking to monitor and manage buses, trains, and other public transit vehicles.

    Taxi and ride-sharing companies

    Taxi services, ride-sharing companies, and car rental businesses use fleet tracking to manage and monitor their vehicles, optimize dispatching, and ensure passenger safety.

    Utilities and energy companies

    Utility companies use fleet tracking software to coordinate maintenance, respond to emergencies, and optimize field operations.

    Sales and service fleets

    Companies with sales and service representatives on the road use fleet tracking to monitor their activities, optimize routes, and improve customer service.

    Waste management companies

    Waste collection and disposal companies use fleet tracking to optimize garbage truck routes, monitor collection activities, and ensure timely waste disposal.

    Government and municipalities

    Government agencies, including police departments, fire departments, and public works, use fleet tracking for emergency response, public safety, and efficient management of government vehicle fleets.

    Shipping and distribution centers

    Use fleet tracking to manage the movement of vehicles within warehouses, distribution centers, and shipping yards.

    Truck tracker apps and systems for every need

    There are various live truck tracker systems and fleet apps available catering to different needs and preferences. Keep in mind that the availability of specific apps may vary depending on your location and the type of devices and applications individual fleet managers are looking for.

    Learn more about the features of these popular truck tracking apps from the list below

    These important applications provide an overall fleet tracking experience that is typically ideal for any company.

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