Fleet Safety Solutions

Proactive protection for your drivers and your bottom line

Fleet safety programs help protect drivers and save lives

Prevent collisions before they happen with our proven fleet safety solutions that help you pinpoint risk, change driver behavior, and reduce claims costs. Our Driver Safety Program is our most comprehensive fleet safety management system, offering video-based coaching to build your drivers’ skills and change risky behavior. Our Risk Detection Service allows you to track fleet risk so you can decide when coaching is needed.

fleet safety management system
fleet safety program

Driver Safety Program

Your comprehensive solution to improve driving habits and enhance fleet performance. The Driver Safety Program adds a prescriptive coaching workflow, comprehensive reporting, and professional risk review to all of the features of the Lytx fleet dash cam and the Lytx Video Platform.

Risk Detection Service

Use our video telematics system to get the insights you need to monitor fleet risk so you can decide how to address it. Risk detection builds on the features of the Lytx fleet dash cam and the Lytx Video Platform, providing you with timely access to the moments that matter and giving you the freedom to coach your drivers on your terms.

fleet safety management program

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Risk Detection Service

Best for monitoring fleet risk

Driver Safety Program

Best for changing driver behavior


Lytx DriveCam® hardware

Our automotive-grade device uses innovative machine vision and artificial intelligence technology to accurately identify and categorize risky driving.


Immediate access to video

Find the exact clip you need within minutes of capture.* Search up to 100 hours of video and save the clips you need to your online dashboard.


Video clips categorized by risk type

Includes hard stops, following distance, cell phone use, and more.


Professional human review

Lytx analysts identify 60+ risky driving behaviors which are scored and prioritized for coaching.


Prescriptive video-based coaching workflows

Change driver behavior and help improve safety with proven coaching workflows.


Robust reporting to track progress

Comprehensive reports include industry benchmarks, progress toward metrics, ROI analysis, coaching and behavior reports, and more.


The Lytx Difference


Our team is invested in your success. We work with you to help ensure that your company achieves extraordinary results, from configuring the right solutions and equipment to meet your business needs to helping you get the greatest return on your investment. We listen to our customers and use their input to shape our next generation of products and capabilities.


Our machine vision and artificial intelligence technologies are powered by a robust driving database (120 billion miles and counting), resulting in accurate, actionable insights available to help our customers keep their fleets and assets safe, on-schedule, efficient, and productive. We continuously evolve our solutions, delivering cutting-edge updates through the cloud so our customers can focus on driving results for their business.


For more than 20 years, Lytx has been a leading provider of video telematics, analytics, and safety solutions to help fleets identify risk, stay safer, and improve efficiency, productivity, and maintenance. We are dedicated to saving lives, reducing accidents, and reducing risk on the road by helping to change driver behavior. In the U.S. and abroad, roadways and drivers are demonstrably safer because of the work we’ve done with our customers.