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    Case Study

    Dart Transit Company decreases near collisions by 65% with Lytx

    decrease in near collisions
    improvement in late response
    improvement in following distance

    The DriveCam Difference

    Dart Transit Company is a truckload carrier with 1,500 owner-operator drivers. Their jobs are difficult because, too often, the motoring public doesn't know how to drive around big rigs, increasing the risk of a collision.

    Dart wanted to emphasize its obligation to that public, and with the Lytx® Driver Safety Programme, it helped to uphold its culture of safety.

    Separately, it was difficult proving drivers were innocent after collisions, which could ultimately end their career with a transportation company.

    The DriveCam safety programme helped to change that. It made Dart drivers safer as they used DriveCam technology as “another set of eyes” that helped increase awareness and alertness. Plus, it exonerated drivers, showing they were not at fault in an accident.

    In the end, the Driver Safety Programme helped protect Dart drivers and the motoring public by improving following distance, late response, and reducing near collisions.


    • Needed to protect 1,500 owner-operator drivers after certain traffic incidents
    • Concerned the motoring public was unaware how to handle itself around big trucks and needed to ensure driver skills were top notch


    • Improved the skills and alertness of drivers
    • Decreased near collisions by 65%
    • Improved late response by 77%
    • Improved following distance by 69%
    • Exonerated drivers after collisions


    • Implemented the Lytx Driver Safety Programme to help illustrate the facts after a collision
    • Coached drivers with video to allow them to see habits they were unaware of